Fingerprint to Sleep, or How Block Your Terminal with The Reader Finger Thanks to The ‘Scene’

The fingerprint reader is a ‘must have’ for most smartphones, straining already in recent times among the lowest ranges for promote the use of biometric security, a technology that still raises questions but which increasingly sits more and have more utilities.

However, not all manufacturers are able to bring out the most a finger most of the time sensor limits its use to unlock the terminal, so the community as some time is to work looking to expand the possibilities of fingerprint readers to give them greater sense in smartphones. Continue Reading

Thus Can Be Activate The Wizard of Google in Android 7.0 Nougat [Root]

The wizard of Google is one of the main innovations of the new Pixel and Pixel XL. The new conversational Google Wizard will be released officially for its new devices, with an exclusive that a user of XDA Developers forums just teasing.

If your device has 7.0 Android Nougat and is rooted You can modify it to activate the new Google Wizard, Although that Yes, another thing to keep in mind is that time Wizard only works in English or German. Continue Reading

How to Configure Your Privacy on WhatsApp

There are still many people who still unknown the privacy settings of WhatsApp and start using the messaging service without worry knowing that information being shared with other users.

By default, any user of WhatsApp can see our photo profile, status, last connection time and our read receipts, but fortunately this can be changed to adjust our privacy to control what and who can view each of this information. Continue Reading

Hangouts You Will No Longer Be a Pre-Installed Application, Google Duo Takes over

It is possible that once you’ve heard the words Google Mobile Services (GMS), It is a collection with popular applications from Google that the company requires to install devices that want to have Google Play, this being the reason for the European Commission to go after Google for alleged “anticompetitive agreements”.

As well, while Google has until October 31 to respond to the accusations from the European Commission to try to dodge the multi-million-dollar fine we see as There is an important change in the collection of applications Google Mobile Services. Continue Reading

CloudMagic Is Now Newton Mail and Launches Annual Subscription to Unlock All Its Features

The complete award-winning Mail Manager CloudMagic change of name after your upgrade to version 9.0. Now it becomes Nweton Mail, and this name change is accompanied by another important change: now will have to pay a annual subscription to unlock all functions which is one of the most complete post for Android clients.

In particular, we will have to pay 54,99 euros a year to enjoy the full version of Newton Mail. The mail multi account manager shall be free, but very limited. At least, let us try the full version of Newton free for 14 days, then we pay your subscription or use the application without their premium features. Continue Reading

Offers in Google Play: This War of Mine, The Room 3, Lara Croft GO, Leo’s Fortune, GTA and More Great Game

Update: We have added more offers of essential Android games which also have dropped in price, as This War of Mine, Lara Croft GO, Leo completo Fortune or GTA: Liberty City Stories.

Prepares the portfolio because bids that Google Play they are irresistible, it has lowered price essential great game for our Android devices, which will surely finish buying several games.

Under the promotion great games with great discounts through 15 essential games with a 60% or more discount as The Room Three, Hitman GO, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, Star Wars KOTOR or Never Alone: Ki Edition. All of these games are must-buy. Continue Reading

Nexus Launcher Is Now Pixel Launcher: New Evidence from The New Mobile Pixel Google [APK]

It seems that the mark Nexus that accompanied us from 2010 with the launch the Nexus One have its days numbered. With Rick Osterloh in the hands of the new Google hardware division are important changes in the sale of the devices of the company, being the most important change their mobile devices based on Android.

Since the last few days is it comes rumored Google bet strongly on the sale of their own devices to compete face to face against the iPhone from Apple and the Microsoft Lumia, and this change in strategy will come with a change of brand. The Nexus brand will disappear for promoting the brand Pixel It stands out as products manufactured by Google. Continue Reading

Google Allo: The Information of Why They Can Chat with Contacts That Do Not Have The Application

The launch of the Google Allo intelligent messaging application has been accompanied by a new feature that has been guilty of the two surprises that we have seen so much that download the application just outside as those who still have not downloaded the application.

If you were among the first to install Google Allo It surely surprise you to see that you already had enough contacts using Allo, something that seemed impossible to you. You enviabas a message to a contact, and you saw how you could chat, you wondered if they had Allo and came another surprise, your contact you said that no, that does not know that it is Allo, and that it is responding you from a notification that it went. Continue Reading

How to Install a Launcher in Android and How to Choose The Best on The Market

One of the main advantages of Android is huge customization capability that offers you. Not only depending on the own view of operating system having the phone manufacturer, but can you modify vital parts of the system to change its appearance and behavior completely.

One of these key components is undoubtedly the Launcher, or launcher. Your phone comes with one installed, but that doesn’t mean that you should be with him forever. A simple search on Google Play “launcher” will give you an idea of the offer there outside. The problem is to choose one that is good and suits what you are looking for. Continue Reading

Google Allo Already Available for Download Worldwide through Google Play

On Wednesday came to the market the new application of intelligent messaging Google Allo, but because of its staggered release we had to wait until today so that everyone can now download the application officially from Google Play.

Allo It is the new Google attempt to try to conquer a good piece of pie that both resists it in the field of messaging services, where WhatsApp is King. Continue Reading

Google Allo Thoroughly, So Is The Intelligent Messaging Application WhatsApp Rival

After several months of waiting Google Allo is here, the new intelligent messaging application Google has already begun to reach our devices with a staggered release. Until within a few days it will not be available for download around the world but the most impatient can download the APK.

Allo It is the most serious bet of Google to compete against the leadership of WhatsApp property of Facebook. After several attempts in recent years Google may be all the meat on the grill with this application of intelligent messaging that stands out in your integrated personal assistant. Continue Reading