Archos Smart Watch CES

Hardly already there are people who doubt that this year the market will appear piles of “smart watches” from different manufacturers. These portable devices formed an essential part of the main trends of this year’s edition of the CES – the world’s Consumer Electronics Show, which took place last week. But the show also became clear that these gadgets may be and with prices that are unlikely to attract mass interest in them. On the other hand, there were suggestions that showed in practice that smart watches can also be cheaper.
Notably demonstrated at CES 2014 French manufacturer Archos, whose name has definitely can not be associated only with tablets. In fact, during the show in Las Vegas, the company showed a number of non-traditional solutions for themselves, among which attracted attention and three smart watch model characterized by very democratic prices.

According to information from the online resource Liliputing , all these devices are compatible with Android OS and iOS and have approximately the same functionality as differ only in design and used displays.

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Verne Apollo Lite, the Music Will Play from the USB Port Type-C

The ambitious Chinese company Verne is set to launch on the market a series of new smartphones for high technical characteristics of particular interest. A few days ago had been given some information about Apollo, top of the line with 6 GB of RAM-expected for July that will have an internal processor 64-bit core made by MediaTek Helio X25 CPU architecture-tri-cluster in place of the expected Helio X 20.

The latter processor will be at the heart of the project concerning the Lite version which, despite its name, will feature specifications just as valid. According to the latest benchmarks, in fact, the chip Helio X 20 is able to provide superior performance compared to octa-core processors developed by MediaTek, including MediaTek P10 MT7655 frequently used by competitors. Continue Reading

Why Buy LED Bulbs?

There are few such emerging technologies in this moment as SSL (Solide State Lighting -Lighting solid state) which includes the LED (Light Emitting Diodes Semiconductor – light emitting diodes),OLED (Organic Light Emitting or organic LEDs) and PLED (polymer Light Emitting Diodes or LEDs based polymers). All of them, and perhaps others like them , were part undoubtedly part of the current lighting and, most likely, more than 90% over the next 10 years.

From our point of view, it is clear that the two reasons that tip the scales when buying LED bulbs or not its efficiency and its duration, achieving dramatically reduce power consumption and maintenance costs and recycled.

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Wall Clock with Flowers

What do you think about wall clocks? Recently we notice that it become more relevant. Bearing in mind the widespread popularity of decoupage, we dare to help with the construction of a clock from herbarized flowers at

It takes a few basic things: watch, pressed flowers card bright colors, pliers, pencil, scissors and glue gun with silicone. It is made very easy, just need some consistency in the actions dose dexterity and imagination.

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Vintage Evening Dresses and Accessories

You want to admire vintage clothes and accessories? We have the event for you. Museums Mazzocchelli are home to the Vintage Festival 2010, a very interesting review, it will carry all the visitors who want to accept the invitation, to dive into a retro feel and fashion, being able to admire fashion and style that comes to us from the past, today more than ever so relevant. The vintage fashion, in fact, is trendy, glamorous and there are many events that take place throughout the world, in order to celebrate the retro style. And the Vintage Festival will be many clothes to admire.

In fact, the Vintage Festival hosts the exhibition “Couture”, that from 7 May to 12 September, next to the fair dedicated to everything retro, we will propose within the Hall of columns of the Museums Mazzucchelli of heads and unique women’s formal clothing that come to us from the past.
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Maternity Dress Pants with Pockets

Classic and comfortable wait jeans that will form the basis for your maternity clothing wardrobe. Nice and simple wait pants without pleats and with wide legs in the legs. Absolute comfort Jeans waiting trousers made of soft material such as convenient viewer your feminine silhouette. The model from bestaah is with high linnin, without belt loops and pockets. Trouser legs are without opening and flat front.

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Latest Wedding Fashion Trends

Party favors

There are a variety of souvenirs, and there is never a shortage of creativity. Among so many options, a tendency for 2016 is the edible party favors. That’s right, they are small packages that contain chocolate, coconut, jelly mints and other sweets.

Another type of creative wedding supplies is the miniatures of the cake. They are minimolos that within a small packing which can be taken home and enjoyed or just kept as a souvenir.


The natural bouquets were never dismissed and now in 2016 they’re colorful and full of life, combining different species of flowers.

But a new feature is the bouquet of brooch which can be taken as a souvenir or gift for every guest.

The bouquets of a single colorful flower will also be used in weddings in 2016, as well as the bouquet of red roses.

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Removable Wall Stickers for Bathroom

If you’re a fan of rustic style and always dreamed of a brick wall at home, but the fact of living in an apartment or rented house hinder the dreamed reforms, thought to opt for a rustic adhesive and fulfill this desire of economically and mainly very practical? wall stickers are fashionable, are easy to apply and remove and can be placed in any room, making them much more stylish.

Rustic adhesive can have picture of demolition wood, brick, wainscoting degastado and even burnt cement. All these coatings are the face of rustic style and combine with most rustic and country furnishings. With the help of a simple adhesive, the decor will be transformed, making it easy to show the rustic decor in any room. Learn more about rustic stickers on tips that prepared for you!

Stickers Rustic in decor

The rustic style is marked by a simple décor with used or purposely worn furniture. Elements with aged appearance contribute greatly to the atmosphere, as burnt cement, apparent brick wall  and even demolition wood paneling. Rustic adhesive is the perfect choice to replace these coatings in homes where it is not possible to carry out major reforms or for those who love change the decor often. With rustic adhesive, there is no danger of nauseate: removal is as simple as the application.

Rustic adhesive can be placed on entire walls or in one of them, just forming charming panels in offices, dining rooms and kitchens. Also, there are stickers for furniture that are perfect for “wearing” a mobile. The textures mimic demolition wood, patina or other typical finishes of rustic aesthetic.

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CA7CH Lightbox Is A Gopro Alternative For Up

Actioncams, how about the GoPro, are a good thing – for athletes. Or for serious photographers, like the plug-in cameras Sony Q10 and Q100. But what about those who want to record just their lives with a tiny camera? You should look at more closely once the Kickstarter project.

CA7CH lightbox visually strongly reminiscent of the MemoTo, compares but only due to you. While the Lifelogging camera is designed to record automatically pictures, so that the user can cause a sort of illustrated, Digital Diary, the lightbox is a real photo and video camera in the style of a GoPro. So that the lightbox with the great model can compete, you gave her an eight-megapixel sensor.

Since also the look at photos and videos plays a large role, here use a lens with six elements and an aperture of f 2.4. the data are stored then on the 8 GB internal memory. Including a rechargeable battery the camera measures only 38 x 38 x 10 mm and it weighs only ridiculous 30 grams. Of course the developers have thought also to protect the camera from water.

At the small size of the lightbox, you should insert your Smartphone, which is connected via Bluetooth or WiFi as screen. The appropriate app allows then to shoot pictures between the lightbox and switch the cameras of the Smartphone and to record videos in full HD with 30 or 720 at 60 frames per second.

Parts Or Just Stream

The highlight of the lightbox but definitely is the ability, in addition to the normal parts via social networks, email and co. also the live image from the camera on your phone in the Web to stream. If multiple lightboxes, used for example in a concert, it is even possible to combine the different perspective as a stream on a Smartphone.

All of these features and the compact construction of the lightbox sound seductive. It simply carries the lightbox on the jacket and shoots images or streams his life for the friends, which can not be directly on the Internet. Who wants to support this project on Kickstarter, and also among the first, running with a lightbox around the area, which required at least $ 119. On paper, the lightbox has convinced me now!

VAT Definitions

The tax word VAT comes from latin, from the verb impono imponere, imposui, impositum which means put, impose, place, order.

The word value derives also from latin, comes from the noun, value, valoris, which in turn comes from the verb valeo, valere, valui, valitum whose concept is to be strong, to have force, effectiveness and by extension worth in the sense of having a certain value. This word comes from the Indo-European root * wal – which has the same concept as in latin.

And the added term also comes from the latin. It comes from the verb added aggregare, aggregavi, aggregatum, whose meaning is add, join, join, associate. This verb is formed by the suffix ad-/ a – meaning approach, address, presence, more the noun grex, gregis with the concept of herd. Thus they called so the beef which added to his flock.

In terms of its definition, it is a tax on consumption which is applied in many countries and that means tax on the value or the value added or value added tax.

VAT Meanings

Based on ABBREVIATIONFINDER.ORG, a tax is a compulsory charge that both individuals and companies give the State to contribute to revenue. It has the character of being an indirect tax that “are those who are charged on goods or transactions carried out with them […]” In the case of the tax value added “[…] they are loaded only net transactions between the companies, in a way such that the tax falls on the differential between the final sale price and the sum of the partial costs. In this way each company is forced to act, for their own convenience, as provisional retention, since it pays the taxes of the inputs used to then load them into the next phase of the production chain, which facilitates and cheapens the task of tax revenues; Another advantage of [the tax] is that it does not affect a so direct way to consumption […] “P. 180-181 Carlos Sabino. Dictionary of Economics and finance. Carlos Sabino. Edit. Panapo. Caracas.

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