Negotiations with The Companies of Payments Increase: Apple Wants to Launch Your Mobile Wallet This Fall

“Several people”, as he has been able to know The Information, are aware of the negotiations that Apple is keeping with the credit card industry. Apparently these have accelerated recently, in anticipation of the plans to launch a system of payments for this fall. This system, as already mentioned in the rumors, would allow users pay via iPhone. Continue Reading

Que No, Man! Apple Details Some Parts of IOS to Continue Countering Criticisms [Updated]

UPDATE: Jonathan Zdziarski has responded to this connected battles Apple on his blog and on Twitter, insisting that Apple is still hiding something regarding the privacy of our data.

Yesterday, we saw how hacker Jonathan Zdziarski did not agree with the answer that Apple launched their criticism about safety and privacy in iOS, that they basically accused system have rear doors where the NSA and other government agencies could pry any data of the users. And in Cupertino have not crossed of arms: they have returned to answer detailing some aspects of diagnostic tools System. Continue Reading

And Apple Continues with Their Records: Financial Results for The Third Quarter of The 2014 Fiscal

As we saw earlier this month, Apple has given tonight his results for the last fiscal quarter. This time we speak of 37.400 million dollars in revenue and a net profit of $ 7,700 million. Compared with the 35.300 million in revenues and the 6.9 million in profits for the fourth quarter of last year, there’s been a slight rise.

The press release that Apple has released also confirms that 10.300 million dollars have been generated in cash, and that 8,000 million dollars have been delivered to the shareholders. Right now, the company has 164.500 million dollars in their safes. Oh, and we will have a new stock dividend on August 14. Continue Reading

Apple Announces The ITunes Festival Poster, 2014

The iTunes Festival returns to London 30 days after visiting Texas during the SXSW earlier this year. As it could not be otherwise, it does so with a poster that is populated by some of the most important artists of the time including Maroon 5, Pharrell Williams, Beck, Sam Smith, Blondie, Kylie, David Guetta, 5 Seconds of Summer, Calvin Harris, Chrissie Hynde and many more. Continue Reading

Somehow Benefit Us The Alliance IBM-Apple to Domestic Users? The Question of The Week

Late Tuesday came a very important news on the corporate computer market: IBM and Apple are allied to transform mobility into the large enterprise. Apparently, they had a couple of years of talks at the highest level to find a way to collaborate and improve their respective offerings to their corporate customers. Also last week I had plans to have between hands, its implications and the impact that could have on competition. Continue Reading

Tim Cook Account Employees Agreement with IBM in a Letter While Apple in a New Website Makes It

Yesterday Apple interrupted one of my games to the Hearthstone post-cena announcing an agreement with IBM, which can be key to grow the company in the business world. And Tim Cook He has already given his impressions in the own press conference and it unites interview on CNBC, but now Apple’s CEO has sent a internal employees letter to explain the agreement. We are going with a free translation of the above: Continue Reading

So IBM and Apple Planned His Assault on The Corporate Market of Mobility

The news that no doubt goes way of becoming the most important of the month caught us by surprise all. Many even scratch their head trying to understand what is the Alliance between IBM and Apple announced on Tuesday. Was IBM not the greatest enemy of Apple? The now legendary ad of 1984 perhaps not despised Big Blue accusing you of being the equivalent of big brother technology? Was not precisely this company together with Microsoft responsible for the decline of Apple? Continue Reading