Ask Helmut: Curated Event Tips App

Concerts, parties, exhibitions and films: in Berlin alone, there are hundreds every day, different events. The start up Ask Helmut wants to create overview for you which events in your town are worth a visit. You will receive the offer via the app or on the Web page. We filter the events that we have even deem advisable, from the giant offer General Manager Conny Lohmann in the Tagesspiegel explains the concept not only productions of well-known houses would recommend, but back in particular smaller, exciting events in focus.

App of the day: the best apps for ios and Android

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Medion Akoya E1240T: Aldi Notebook for 249 Euros in the Test

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249 euro: discounter Aldi Nord will from June 30 the Medion Akoya E1240T in the display case. The test shows whether the cheap convertible is well. Medion Akoya E1240T: Is of Aldi laptop a price breaker?

No high-flyer

The modern processor makes the Aldi notebook but not high rollers. Because of the tight memory (2 gigabytes) slows down the CPU. On top of that, the Medion because of lame emmc memory enters the stuttering on Windows 10 (32 bit version only), programs, and personal data store. But for demanding tasks the Medion is anyway not intended, more time to type a short word text or to create a small spreadsheet. Fine: Microsoft Office 365 are available as 12-months subscription free to. Continue Reading

X Series: LG Introduces New Smartphones

After February with the X cam and the X presented his new series of Smartphone screen, the company announces first mid LG now already to the next units for the domestic market: the X power and the X Mach. Like the first series, also the two new models each bring a technical feature which is otherwise only upper-class devices of the manufacturer. So, the X has power, for example, a 4,100 milliampere hours (mah) battery pack, and a Schnelladefunktion. The Mach X is aimed, however, faster surfing. But also the amenities of two smartphones can be seen.

X power: quad-core processor on board

This information after power is mah a 5.3-inch screen with a resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels available to the user the x next to the battery with 4,100. This combination should provide for a long term LG calls but no numbers for this purpose. Inside the LG uses on an unspecified described processor with four computing cores and a clock speed of 1.3 ghz. Support the chip receives a 2 gigabyte (GB) large amounts of RAM. There are 16 GB available as internal memory. Belongs to the facilities of the X power in addition to a microsd card slot a 13-megapixel camera on the back and a 5-megapixel Frontknipse. Continue Reading

Zenfone 3 Pegasus: ASUS Introduces 5.2-Inch Smartphone

Before a few weeks ASUS his new zenfone-3 series in the form of three devices introduced: the zenfone 3 Deluxe for around $ 500, the approximately 480 US $ zenfone 3 ultra as well as the normal zenfone of 3, for which the Taiwanese manufacturer the present information for about 250 dollars demanded. Now ASUS however sets up and presented another device: the so-called zenfone 3 Pegasus, aimed with a price from 1,299 Chinese Yuan (equivalent to about US$ 200) in particular to price-conscious users. Our site presents the 5.2-inch Smartphone.

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Uber-killer: Didi Chuxing Conquered Western Markets

The American taxi rival uber is now very successful. But the service provider now gets competition from Asia: Didi Chuxing is the Chinese equivalent of uber powerful catching up. In his home country, the provider has already won the fight against the American service. In August 2016 uber threw the towel, Didi Chuxing took over the Chinese unit by uber. But now, the company could also the rest of the Western world conquer.

International app from spring 2017?

As the reported South China Morning Post, Didi Chuxing is an English version of its app, as well as the ability to pay with international credit cards currently. With the release of the English user interface that it settles spring 2017 first in China. The step takes place shortly after Didi Chuxings announcement an international business unit. For the expansion of its service offering you have joined forces already hard-working Chinese business Insider according with other car-sharing services in the region. Among other things the provider completed a partnership s Tomb, India s OLA and Lyft with Southeast Asia, trans.’s biggest competitors in the United States. Continue Reading

Save 370 Euro: Allnet Flatrate With Galaxy S7 Edge To The Hammer Price

The tariff allnet flat XL 2016 by Otelo contains a flat rate for calls to all national networks, SMS and Internet. For the latter, there is an inclusive volume of 2.5 gigabytes. Thus the user up to 21.6 megabits per second in the network of Vodafone is on the way. There is no LTE speed. The basic fee is 29,99 Euro per month.

1 gigabyte extra for 5 euro

The contract runs for at least 2 years, the cancellation period is 3 months to the end of the term. A connection fee not required saving mobile. When ordering customers the possibility of optional 1 gigabyte volume for 5 euros per month. This additional option can be monthly to terminate. Continue Reading

Our Site: The Best Android Smartphones Until 222 Euro

The beginner and mid-range at the Android Smartphone is densely occupied. Manufacturers such as Samsung and Huawei concentrate not only on their premium models, they provide the House of Commons with numerous mobile phones, which have less outstanding technical specifications. That does not mean that these smartphones are inferior in the contrary: many models convince with good facilities at a reasonable price. Also, mid-range phones for a long time at the customers of many online mail-order companies and price comparison portals are popular; a trend towards low-cost mobile phone is emerging just at Amazon. Our site shows the ten best Android smartphones until 222 euro at Amazon.

Amazon: the best Android smartphones until 222 euro

Not only premium mobile phones deliver quality

In the our site leaderboard to convince not only the high-end Smartphone of manufacturers, also beginners and mid-range phones have their advantages. Also Amazon customers see so: on the first two places of the bestseller list two devices of the best Android models under 222 euro find themselves with the Samsung Galaxy J5 and the Huawei P8 Lite. The Galaxy S5 ranks third mini by Samsung, which was ranked in the Our site test method until October 2014 with a score of 1.86 in the top 15 of all smartphones.
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Archos 40 Power: 70 Euro Smartphone In The Practice Test

Test conclusion: what you should know

Keep hands away from the ARCHOS 40 power: the entry-level Smartphone is not even his 70 euro (stand: 17 June 2016) value. By bad processing and the hard-to-read display the low disk space up to the sluggish pace of control and evil cameras, the device from the front is a bust up and down. The only good news: Two SIM cards fit into the phone. Thus, the ARCHOS is 40 power but far from alone on the next floor. Tip: Give on the Smartphone and dinner once again beautiful. Best price on the Internet: 54,00 euro * removable battery order this product at Amazon Pro dual SIM contra despite small size clunky bad processing display has very small angle low battery poor Wi-Fi connection control slow-paced tiny space miserable cameras assessment of editorial deficient user rating now evaluate the ARCHOS 40 power is a pretty small for today’s standards Smartphone: is about as long as an iphone SE , only much wider and thicker. As a result the plastic cell phone despite its small size feels clunky. The device can score not just with his appearance: the display glass is embedded in a plastic frame that ugly stands out. Overall, ARCHOS gives away plenty of space above and below the screen on the front. The back is kept simple and quite non-slip rubber-like surface. A removable battery and fan for ever a mini-SIM and a micro-SIM card (dual SIM) as well as a microsd card hidden under the removable Smartphone back. The switch on the right side and the volume keys on the left edge of the housing have a good pressure point. Besides the processing is not convincing: the ARCHOS 40 power crack in pressure can be heard. Despite rounded edges and smaller gap sizes, the angular transitions at the edge of the case also left an unpleasant sensation in the hand. Continue Reading

Meizu M3s: Cheap 5-Inch Smartphone Unveiled

Manufacturer Meizu

Introduced a Smartphone in April of this year with the m3, which has a very potent facilities despite a low price from the equivalent of 80 euros. Now the Chinese companies supplying and presented a revised version of the device, that strong iphone 6 S and iphone 6 plus is similar to the current Apple smartphones regarding the looks with the m3s. Meizu is his new mobile companion on a metal housing and a so called 2.5D-Glas, where the margins are slightly rounded. But can the Meizu m3s at facilities with the Apple smartphones to compete? Our site the device presents.

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Samsung Gear 360: VR Camera for Immersive 360 Degree Videos in the Test

Test conclusion: what you should know

The spherical Samsung gear 360 (SM-C200) takes fascinating 360-degree panoramas, where the Viewer on the Smartphone, on the PC, or even better with a VR glasses themselves can choose the viewing direction. So it feels really right into the action. That the images beyond quickly blurred look of the small smartphone display and a seam between views is visible to the front and look back, don’t mind given the exciting virtual-reality effect. Until the images are visible but with a Samsung VR glasses, some fumbling is necessary. Best price on the Internet: 197,00 Euro * Pro photos and movies order this product at Amazon with great Middle effect for this class relatively good image quality, good interaction between camera and Galaxy Smartphone video-editing software for PC with contra films just fiddly goggles app transferable runs fast hot Zickt satisfactory with some memory cards mark of the editorial 2.62 user rating now VR cameras evaluate? These are but the futuristic devices such as Samsung’s project beyond, Nokia’s Ozo or gopros Odyssey. These cameras record equal to its surroundings with a whole arsenal of lenses. The audience is then not bound in a direction, but formally enters the full movies. That means short, VR virtual reality. For mortals, the listed cameras are but too expensive, too complex, or both. Samsung’s new camera gear 360, however, includes the Kodak pixpro 360 and the 360fly to the first VR cameras for Otto-normal film-makers. Continue Reading

Mobistel Cynus E4: Cheap 4-Inch Smartphone in the Practice Test

Review conclusion: what you should know

The Mobistel Cynus E4 offers the easiest of simplicity: the display will be just fine, the pace is sufficient only for the most basic features, the cameras are useless and there is hardly any space. The battery is although changeable, but much too small for a prolonged operation. Points can the Smartphone with its handy size, low weight, the dual-SIM functionality and the price: 60 euros just once (stand: 14 June 2016) costs the Mobistel Cynus E4. Best price on the Internet: 62.90 euros * per order this product at Amazon light and handy removable battery dual SIM contra little battery capacity slower processor almost no space low cameras assessment the editors sufficient user rating now evaluate the Mobistel Cynus E4 is small and a real lightweight: it weighs barely more than an iphone SE, but slightly larger and considerably thicker than the new Apple Smartphone. At the price of 60 euros (stand: 14 June 2016) hardly surprising: the Cynus E4 is completely made of plastic, looking in vain for an aluminum frame or the like. The front is kept simple and giving away with the large margin under the display in the category space. Also not so nice: The camera on the slightly slippery back protrudes slightly. The Smartphone so not on surfaces lies really flat. The power button and the volume buttons on the right side almost completely flush with the housing and are therefore difficult to locate. The back is detachable and conceals a removable battery and drawers for ever a mini-SIM and a micro-SIM card (dual SIM) as well as a microsd card. The Cynus E4 is well-finished and sits comfortably in the hand. Continue Reading

LG Stylus 2: Smartphone With Pen And Dab + In The Practice Test

Test conclusion: what you should know

The LG stylus 2 is suitable for all those who wish to operate a large display precisely by pen input and a cheap alternative to the Samsung Galaxy search note 4 even if the screen under the open sky is too dark. The digital radio DAB + made a good impression in the practice test. The supplied headphones are far too big and deliver sound meager results. Otherwise that reflected stylus 2 properly: the cameras snap mostly decent images, the speed is sufficient for a liquid operation, the battery is large and changeable. Also, the Smartphone dominated LTE fast data connection. Best price on the Internet: 174,00 euro * this product at Amazon order Pro precision pen input radio reception via DAB + ordinary cameras big change battery contrast display for outdoor use to dark bad headphones satisfactory assessment of editorial users rating now evaluate LG uses on its newer smartphones increasingly on special functions: the X screen borrows itself the second mini display of the LG V10, cam is a dual rear-view camera in the X and the LG G5 attracted much attention with its replacement modules. The new model, however, has a display pen stylus 2 and supports digital radio reception. If that alone makes a purchase, reveals the practice test by Our site. Continue Reading