Google Files App

Google has just announced a small news about the main app of its productivity suite for Android and iOS— documents, spreadsheets and presentations. By upgrading introduced today, will more easily and instantly access your files when you don’t have network coverage, without having to manually save each file to make it available offline.

The new algorithm introduced, in fact, allows the productivity apps Google to download in advance all the files we used recently, so they are always available for use, even if we were to find itself in a situation of no mains power. The downloaded files will be available in the Offline section present in apps and will be deleted automatically in case there is need to free up memory space on your device, or if not is accessed for an extended period of time. Continue Reading

Dev Preview 3 Android N

One of the most interesting innovations introduced by Android N, concerns the native support to multi-window. Finally, after years of proprietary solutions, stock Android can finally leverage the increasingly large displays of smartphones and all the space made available on tablets, with the ability to use more than one app at a time.

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Moto Z MotoMods

After announcing the new range G4 motorcycle, Lenovo/Motorola is focusing on the launch of the next top of the range, the new Bike Z (Oh yes, no longer called Moto X!). According to the latest rumor, the Terminal could be presented very soon, more precisely the next 9 June at an event in San Francisco.

The news comes through what appears to be the leak of a teaser that has as its slogan “Redefine Mobile Phone“, probably in reference to what should be the main features of Moto Z, in addition to confirming the special design of the camera. Let us recall that the new top of the range model Lenovo/Motorola should adopt a modular approach, allowing you to expand and improve its specifications. Continue Reading

Lenovo Zuk Z2 Pro Review

Zuk has released a new teaser image, at the same time, manages to dispel some doubts and to create new ones around its next Zuk Z2. What is now clear is the day when the terminal will be officially presented, which is the next May 31, while new doubts arise regarding the SoC that will be adopted.

Just a few days ago we saw how, through a post of the same CEO of Zuk, has proposed the adoption of a chip Exynos 8890 as the beating heart of the new Chinese smartphone, although today this hypothesis is called into question by the same teaser image announcing the official presentation by the inclusion of the Qualcomm Snapdragon logo on display. Continue Reading

Galaxy S7 Theater

Samsung officially opens the first Italian tour in the company of the new Samsung Galaxy S7, which will try his hand in some cities, smartphones and virtual reality together. The initiative is called the Galaxy S7 Theater and through a prearranged, passersby and curious can interact with the entire ecosystem of Samsung Mobile products and participate in sessions devoted to different application areas.

Inside the stands will be exposed both new top range Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge, both stations Gear VR with which direct experience of virtual reality, through a series of content at 360°. Continue Reading

Vodafone Smart Prime

If you are looking for a smartphone simple and economical to go with your new pricing plan Vodafone, this could be the smartphone for you.

The Vodafone Smart First 2016 version features a 210 Snapdragon processor with 1 GB of RAM and 8 GB of internal memory expandable, a 5-inch HD display, Photo Department consists of a sensor, 8MP rear camera with LED flash and a 5MP front.

The operating system on board is Android at Marshmallow. The battery should guarantee a good battery life due to its capacity of 2530 mAh and little energy consuming processor. No shortage of LTE, BT 4.0, GPS and FM radio. Continue Reading

Monster Builder DNA

The South Korean software company DeNA has just released on Play Store its new free-to-play title Monster Builder. Arrives for iOS, but later and unspecified date specified. Recalls in some ways the famous franchise Pokémon, though here we have more power to make decisions on the development and creation of the monsters.

These monsters are developed and trained by us humans as a last resort against a massive alien invasion. You start with certain basics and then you “build” and upgrade thanks to the experience gained in battle against invading monsters. Essential to learn the characteristics of attack and defense of each unit. Continue Reading

Huawei P9 Release Date

I purchased, thanks to Ecomtel-shop, Huawei P9 Plus since some days and soon I will publish my technical analysis. During testing, analyzing the stock rom, I noticed as missing many of the typical options of rom Huawei.

Taking advantage of the OTA which allowed switching between the rom B102 than B103 I analyzed the system update submission to the smartphone from Huawei. In this way I was able to locate on their servers the latest rom the B160. Continue Reading

Android N DP3 Review

After almost a week of release, continue to surface small novelty for the third Android developer preview # we start with the “importance” of notifications management: how will you know if you have been following closely the developer preview, it looks like Google is keen to introduce a more dynamic and intelligent management of notifications in the next iteration of the operating system.

At this point were we to six “levels”, which can be set by the user for each app installed on your device. For example, the highest Visual and audio notifications has and is carried to the top of the list; the lowest is completely silent; intermediate ones are various combinations of the two extremes. Continue Reading

Oxygen OS 3.0 Oneplus One

Nearly two months away from the release of the OxygenOS ROM 3.0 based on Android 6.0.1 Marshmallows for OnePlus 2, top of the line (not for long!) of Chinese society back to update with a new release of OxygenOS which comes to version 3.0.1.

Compared with the previous update, this release has an official character, since this is a new beta version, but one that will be distributed via OTA update in the coming weeks. Those who don’t want to wait for the deployment of the update via OTA, can proceed to download the installation file (1.1 GB) direct from the official site OnePlus. Continue Reading

Children Suffering from Technology

As adults are 24 hours out of 24 send mail, chat online, play and share the photos on social networks, but also for their side effects.

Children suffering from technologists to. Are over remote-controlled toy cars and dolls ‘ time, today’s children spend their free time in front of the computer and at the mercy of the latest technology. Youngsters now, fixed with new technologies, are likely to seriously develop an addiction, not much different from that of adults that justify its use for business purposes, and instead spend their time playing, chatting and sharing shots on social networks. Even today’s children are always connected to the internet, remaining absent from the reality around them. Continue Reading

Children Overconnected

Here’s how to educate their children stay connected (overconnected) the use of technology: from rules to good education to be taken to be on the network in complete safety and with the greatest possible protection. Explains the author of iRules a special connection agreement between mother and son.

Get your smartphone to a teenager is practically a “duty as a teenager” and, therefore, a parental duty for every self-respecting parent.

But not always, indeed almost ever, the children have the proper education and proper culture of using your mobile phone and networks that allow it to be connected securely and the right. Continue Reading