Shoes for the Wedding, How to Choose?

After the proposal to head of engaged, especially of the bride enters speed record: first with the choice of dress and then with the selection of shoes. Most brides dream of marrying sidewalk some Manolo Blahnik, Jimmy Choo, Prada, Givenchy, or Christian Louboutin (a generation that grew up with the rhythm of the series sex and the city). The starting point is simple and the temptation is great. Continue Reading

Wedding Cakes Trends

What Is Wedding Cake 2016-The Trend?

The wedding cake is a very important element of every wedding. Many bridal couples spend a not inconsiderable amount of money. So a wedding cake to be one of the final highlights on each wedding visually how culinary. The cutting of the cake has a certain symbolism. Continue Reading

What are the Types of Coats?

The coats are almost unanimous in fashion, because there are few men who don’t surrender to your look and your functionality. But a lot of people don’t have much sense at the time to identify what are the most common types of coats, which makes your purchase, after all, how will you find a trench coat, not even know what he looks like? Or otherwise, when we know the play, but we don’t know your name. In the list below you will find some of the most common coats, as well as the necessary characteristics to differentiate them: Continue Reading

How to Clean Shoes

Take good care of your clothes and footwear is essential so that they will last many, many years. Know How to expand shoes and How to clean shoes, for example, help, and in this task. But did you know that you must clean them according to the type of material that are made? No? Then check out the tips below. Continue Reading

Cardigan, Sweater and Pullover, the Elegant Trio!

No longer made days cold as earlier in the winter, so you can put aside the heavy coats and bet on something lighter than don’t get hot, but at the same time you protect that cold breeze. You leave the House is still cold in the middle of the morning temperature oscillation occurs after noon already is that heat and cold back again in late afternoon. These pieces are great for days so typical of half a season. This trio can enrich a whole visual easily and quickly. In addition, many combinations can create a fine style and sophisticated, casual and cool. Continue Reading