Plus Size Fashion Tips

Today I have for you a few items selected by me from the plus size collection and Maite Kelly (and Bon Prix), which I find particularly beautiful. It is of course only part of the large collection of sizes. Here are My Favorites from the Maite Kelly fashion travel.

Especially in the spring and summer, I want clothes, spread the good mood, because flowers fit among other things quite well. Especially Flowers patterns fit all those who see themselves more as a romantic type of dress. Floral fabrics can you conjure up individual looks and underline your type. Continue Reading

Water Bottles for Carbonated Drinks

Some bottles are nowadays so well-finished, that they sign up for carbonated drinks are. In our shop we have different models and materials, which are all hygienic and have secure closures.

Drink a lot is important for health and everyone has as his Special favorite drink. If you have drinks like the carbon dioxide included, you found so far probably not water bottle for you. In this post we imagine four water bottles, are suitable for carbonated drinks, and even fruit juices. Order to facilitate the decision, the advantages and disadvantages of the bottles are described. You’re spoilt for choice!

Water bottles for carbonated drinks

Water bottles for carbonated beverages must keep sealing

Maybe that happened sometimes friends: your favorite drink contains carbon dioxide and caused a flood in the gym bag. Of course, your gym clothes and shoes are been drenched.

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Different Types of Fishing Equipment

Fishing Equipment

Once the fisheries inspection has been successfully passed, the fishing can begin. But previously must be watched what pieces of equipment are needed for this purpose. Much like in other hobbies must be contemplated if you need expensive brand items, or whether sufficient also more favorable. This question must confront the new angler himself and answer, is important, however, that there are all important items during the first trip in the nature. In the following these will be presented and also explains what it is to make sure when buying the different pieces of equipment. Rods and reels
If a shop for fishing tackle is visited for the first time, can be a fast dizzy. Because here many different rods can be seen, which serve their purpose for the various fishing disciplines. The question is after the discipline for the beginners but still not of importance. First is to acquire a basic equipment and possibly at a later date in a particular direction to go. First two rods are needed, one long and one short. The former is used primarily for the demersal and should have a length of about 3.25 meters up to 3.90 meters. Continue Reading

Tips for Buying LED Lights

If the old bulb in the living room just burned, perhaps now is a good time to replace it with LED bulb. No way no longer have heard or read somewhere extremely long lifetime of LED lighting – a light bulb lasts up to 20 years!!! But also, and certainly you know that they are up to five times more expensive than ordinary.

However, when, if not now is the right time to switch to LED lighting in your home? The technology is developing at an unprecedented pace over the past few years. Now even offers the same soft and warm yellowish light of incandescent bulbs with which we are so accustomed to over the years. But with a few significant differences – better quality lighting and at times more energy efficient.

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Light in The Hotel Room

Staying in a hotel room, whether for one or for many nights should be as pleasant as possible. In addition to the philosophy of appropriate design and decor of the room, the lighting contributes in a very special dimension to the well-being of its guests. In most hotels, the rooms have all the needs different guest account. Whether it is for the guests to tourists, business travelers or honeymoon couples, the atmosphere has to be right. In addition, a hotel room next to bedroom and living room is also frequently working space. But how can all bring lighting technology under one roof?

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What is a Torch Flashlight

The power of a lamp is measured in lumens. This is in fact the measurement of luminous flux.
This measurement is made using an integrating sphere (or integrating sphere). Unfortunately, this material is very expensive and cumbersome to the point that virtually no one has to. Moreover, it is always better to announce commercially fanciful numbers highly exaggerated compared to reality, and it is clear that most manufacturers and distributors do not deprive themselves.

Some are content with very optimistic theoretical estimates, but others have no qualms to announce figures devoid of any technical basis. Some make the effort to clarify that the advertised power corresponds to the level of the led and not in the lamp output, but even in this case the announced figure is generally exaggerated.
Indeed, many things affect the amount of light actually emitted by a LED, and most of them are too often ignored when commercial interests are at stake:

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28 Port USB Hub

Those who suffer from chronic USB port shortage, can breathe easy: The MondoHub provides 28 of them. And he not only impressed by sheer size, but also with clever details.

USB has become so universal in recent years, no doubt, as the name says. Not only that, you can connect hard drives, keyboards and mice in this way, any number of devices such as smart phones or digital cameras are USB and can also often be charged directly. In addition, USB sticks or dongles for wireless mice. In short, the need for USB ports is continuously higher. At the same time the trend is towards the laptop, bring the naturally less USB ports as a desktop.

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How to Choose Your Pillow

Choosing a pillow according to its sleeping position

The position in which you usually sleep is an important element choose your pillow. An unsuitable pillow can indeed cause pain to the neck, torticollis and other headaches upon awakening. The basic rule is this: when your head rests on the pillow, this must be in line with the column vertebral to create no neck or back tension. If you’re used to sleeping on your side, opt for a thicker model (from 9cm). If you sleep more on your stomach or on your back, choose the opposite end a pillow (about 5cm thick) not to break your neck.

Choosing the right pillow: classic or ergonomic pillow?

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