Wedding Costumes

When we talk about marriage, we speak also in… Party! And along with it, a rush.Are a million details to account. Choices and more choices. What better Church, caterers, groomsmen (hehehe), etc. But it’s not just who’s going to the party that suffers, not! For most women, it’s a drama know which style to use. If sponsor so the stress is twofold. Continue Reading

Senate Facilitates Use of Bike by Servers

Standard published in the Administrative Bulletin of the Federal Senate (BASF) this Wednesday (2) facilitates the use of bikes as a means of transportation by the House servers. The creation of specialized spaces and the installation of Paracycles at strategic points were permitted: in the buildings of Prodasen and the Interlegis, in the parking of L4 Norte and the main building near the cloakroom access route. The latter is accessible to the general public. Continue Reading

Summer Collection My Place

My Place summer 2013-Collection “Borogodó”

The Rio brand My Place is launching your new collection for summer 2013, entitled “Borogodó”. Since 2008 the brand seeks to meet the taste of women who have a touch of sensuality, and is also an it girl, I love it and can’t live without the new trends of the moment. Continue Reading

5 Scripts of Backpacking Through South America

How I got my first job, I spent dreaming about my first vacation. I, who had never traveled out of the country and knew very few places within the Brazil, dreamed of a backpacking through South America. That was in 2009. Along with Naty, planned a long roadmap for our continent, all to, months later, giving up the trip: my first backpacking ended up being in Brazil even. Continue Reading

Classic Fashion from United States

We have previously highlighted the fall collections of several classic British and Italian manufacturers. Therefore we thought we now take a look at what the Americans have to offer.American fashion previously have often been associated with at fit and a rather pale design seems to have undergone a total change. Or what do you think? Continue Reading

Does Your Android Battery Last for a Day?

One of the problems of most smartphone users is the autonomy of these devices.There are still many who remember the mobile phones that lasted a week or more without being connected to the charger, but, in general, that time is already there … Now, if a smartphone hangs a whole day is already very good, but neither All achieve it, much because of the “wasteful” use of the user. Continue Reading

The Best Combinations of Jeans Looks


The women’s jeans is certainly one of the most favorite parts of the wardrobe of women for being democratic. No matter the model, tone, style, denim can be used in different combinations, so here we separate some tips of looks for day to day wearing several styles of jeans , and they are: flare, destroyed, straight cut, Skinny and boyfriend. Continue Reading

How to Use the Clutch the Bike

Out on the bike, despite being a very simple task (for those who already know), generates many doubts among inexperienced drivers. For this we decided to separate some simple tips on how to learn to control properly the clutch so they can get out quietly with the bike. After you do, I guarantee you will laugh, so easy that is. Continue Reading

Exquisite Bespoke Trimmings

A while back we wrote about the webshop Exquisite Trimmings that specializes in selling accessories from a range of hand-picked brands. Owner Shaya Green who is a faithful Manoloföljare then offered our readers a unique discount for a month. In this connection, we also took the opportunity to test the company’s bespoke service for neckties which you as a customer can design a tie as desired. Now the result has arrived and we are going in today’s text describe how results were and how the service works. Continue Reading

Blackberry, Technology Fashion

Who said that all the fashion accessories had to be placed in the body? This time, which we’ll talk has a basic technological and functional basis that accompanies us every day and without which we cannot live, but also is an accessory that is designed to make us look good and of course is at the forefront of fashion and technology. Continue Reading