So Is Google Wizard in The New Pixel and Pixel XL

One of the main innovations of the new Pixel and Pixel XL we find that they are the first devices to integrate new Google Assistant nothing has to envy to Siri or Cortana.

The Google Assistant has been integrated in the Home of the Pixel button. Prolonged on the button-touch voice Wizard will be launched to resolve our doubts and make voice commands. It is as if we touched the the microphone icon in the search bar of Google, now eliminated in the new interface of the Pixel. We can also say “Ok Google” to launch the Google Wizard. Continue Reading

4 Updates to WhatsApp: Mentions, Draw Pictures and Videos, Large Emojis and More

Come new features to WhatsApp for Android. Over the next few days the application will begin to update in Google Play to add to the world four news that so far they were only in the development version.

These four new developments there are three new features very important, and sure some will begin to use it practically every day. WhatsApp for Android updates are as follows: Continue Reading

Offers in Google Play: Twilight Pro and Ice Rage: Hockey Reduced to 0.10 Euros

Google Play It has already launched two new bids this week, lowering a new application and a set of payment to the irresistible 10 euros, which means that two bids last week, Neo Monsters (aka Pokemon) and SKRWT, has only a few hours to raise price.

For this week we can buy the application that protects us our view at night Twilight Pro and the popular and fun ice hockey arcade game Ice Rage: Hockey. They are two highly recommended purchase of the essentials for Android. Continue Reading

11 News Google Allo 2.0 for Android

Google Allo has fulfilled their first month of life, and to celebrate nothing better than brand new new version. The application of intelligent messaging Google jumps to the version 2.0.

Most of the new features of Google Allo 2.0 the find in the application settings and compatibility with Android Nougat (7.0 and 7.1). The 11 most important innovations of Google Allo 2.0 they are as follows: Continue Reading

Pixel Launcher Becomes a Google Play Exclusively for The Pixel, But So You Can Install It on Your Android

The unique application launcher Pixel Launcher It has come to Google Play, and as you would expect, you can only be downloaded from the Pixel and Pixel XL as an update. Other devices not be able download officially this new Google application launcher.

This exclusive will not prevent you to enjoy from Pixel Launcher on your device, always and when have 5.0 Android Lollipop or higher. Although you can not enjoy the experience to 100%, because can not access the right screen of Google cards feed. Continue Reading

Offers in Google Play: Neo Monsters (Aka Pokemon) and SKRWT € 0.10 Lens Correction Tool

If you still have not caught Djay 2 or Oddworld: Stranger completo Wrath to 0.10 euros each not you think it more because during the next few hours they will rise in price. Their offers have already been replaced by another new application and a new game.

During the next seven days we buy the Pokemon game Neo Monsters and lens correction tool SKRWT for just ten cents each a front the euro which usually cost without offering each of these applications. Continue Reading

Fingerprint to Sleep, or How Block Your Terminal with The Reader Finger Thanks to The ‘Scene’

The fingerprint reader is a ‘must have’ for most smartphones, straining already in recent times among the lowest ranges for promote the use of biometric security, a technology that still raises questions but which increasingly sits more and have more utilities.

However, not all manufacturers are able to bring out the most a finger most of the time sensor limits its use to unlock the terminal, so the community as some time is to work looking to expand the possibilities of fingerprint readers to give them greater sense in smartphones. Continue Reading

Thus Can Be Activate The Wizard of Google in Android 7.0 Nougat [Root]

The wizard of Google is one of the main innovations of the new Pixel and Pixel XL. The new conversational Google Wizard will be released officially for its new devices, with an exclusive that a user of XDA Developers forums just teasing.

If your device has 7.0 Android Nougat and is rooted You can modify it to activate the new Google Wizard, Although that Yes, another thing to keep in mind is that time Wizard only works in English or German. Continue Reading

How to Configure Your Privacy on WhatsApp

There are still many people who still unknown the privacy settings of WhatsApp and start using the messaging service without worry knowing that information being shared with other users.

By default, any user of WhatsApp can see our photo profile, status, last connection time and our read receipts, but fortunately this can be changed to adjust our privacy to control what and who can view each of this information. Continue Reading

Hangouts You Will No Longer Be a Pre-Installed Application, Google Duo Takes over

It is possible that once you’ve heard the words Google Mobile Services (GMS), It is a collection with popular applications from Google that the company requires to install devices that want to have Google Play, this being the reason for the European Commission to go after Google for alleged “anticompetitive agreements”.

As well, while Google has until October 31 to respond to the accusations from the European Commission to try to dodge the multi-million-dollar fine we see as There is an important change in the collection of applications Google Mobile Services. Continue Reading

CloudMagic Is Now Newton Mail and Launches Annual Subscription to Unlock All Its Features

The complete award-winning Mail Manager CloudMagic change of name after your upgrade to version 9.0. Now it becomes Nweton Mail, and this name change is accompanied by another important change: now will have to pay a annual subscription to unlock all functions which is one of the most complete post for Android clients.

In particular, we will have to pay 54,99 euros a year to enjoy the full version of Newton Mail. The mail multi account manager shall be free, but very limited. At least, let us try the full version of Newton free for 14 days, then we pay your subscription or use the application without their premium features. Continue Reading